Recycled: Buying Furnishings in Bali

Give yourself a pat on the back for your eco-friendly ways as you purchase some great home furnishings. The artistic and clever Balinese offer a wide variety of beautiful recycled objects to enhance your home either in Bali or abroad. There are thousands of small establishments in Bali, but don’t forget that treasures can be found within some of the most unlikely exteriors. Here is what to look for:


As the harvesting of timber becomes more and more  restricted, recycled wood has gained a new cache. From the charming interior of Cafe Batu Jimbar, to the furniture makers all around Bali old boats and dwellings are being disassembled an given a new life as floors, walls, tables and chairs with character. Try W CONCEPT FURNITURE at Jl Raya Singapadu, Br. Abasan, Singapadu Tengah, Sukawati, Gianyar (phone +62 361 245375) for made to order rustic tables, chairs and flooring. The tables that I ordered were finished in about a week.

The Place to get Recycled Wood Furniture!


Concept incorporated an old carved wooden panel that I bought from DE’GALUH ANTIQUES at Jalan Raya Batubulan, Gianyar (phone 0361 295150) into coffee table with pleasing results for about US$140. This shop specializes in old windows and doors and somehow I always see something nice here.


Antique wooden carvings abound in Bali and of course antique hunting is another form of recycling. The BAGONG BALI GALLERY Bypass Ngurah Rai 155/406, Sanur (phone 0361 286177) was introduced to me recently. What a treasure trove! Blow off the dust and you will be amazed. Giant mirrors, furniture of all description, carvings, gongs architectural elements….it was all there! What did I buy? Two pairs of beautifully carved and colored antique Javanese wooden clogs at US$15 a pair, a small finely woven Lombok Basket for US$10, the center panel of a three panel screen that I am using as a door screen for US$80 and a wooden towel holder for US$25. I am still smiling!




Wonderfully irregular green recycled glass can be found in  shops  scattered throughout Bali, but there are a particularly large group along Jalan Mas-Ubud. Just drive along and you can’t miss them. Whether you are looking for glassware for the table, interesting serving plates or artglass it is all here. If you need a large quantity of a particular item you may find that you will need to order. It is wise to compare prices and do a little bargining if you are purchasing a large quantity. If you do some searching, you can sometimes find glass in other colors too.


Recycled Glass

Happy hunting.


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