Pottery and Ceramics – high and low

You can spend a lot or a little for pottery and ceramics in Bali – and you will be happy with both.

Firmly at the peak sits Jengalla Ceramics (Jl Uluwatu II, Jimbaran 0361 703 311) Whether you prefer sublime celedon, funky orange, classic white or another color in their rainbow array, you will find something special. Styles range from classic dinner plates, platters, teacups, vases and just about any thing you can think of to funky designs with a tropical twist like long banana leaf plates or rice goddess toothpick holders.

Jengalla has a pleasant cafe and a good restroom. Prices are in US$ and credit cards are accepted. Packing and shipping is no problem for the helpful staff.

On the other end of the price spectrum I would like to suggest the array of roadside shops you will pass selling Lombok pottery. This charming natural colored pottery comes in a variety of forms. I bought some about 20 years ago – in Lombok, not Bali, had it shipped to Singapore and then London and it has withstood the test of time. I like the small bowls and the big jars, but you can find all sorts of designs. While I would not recommend using the plates to eat on – a little too chippable for general use, theĀ  bowls and large platters have done well as rustic and striking serving pieces. Leaving the jars outside in the English weather was not such a good idea- they tend to crumble. Under shelter or in the house they are fine. You will see these shops all over Bali. Other Lombok items carried are baskets and wooden platters – I love them and they really do go for a song. The large wooden platter in the photo was US$1.

The green lotus plate is from Jengalla and the small brown bowls from a roadside “Lombok” shop

Pottery and Ceramics in Use

Pottery and Ceramics in Use


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