Balinese Offerings – Canang

The spiritual aspect of life in Bali can be seen everywhere and religious practices are a daily occurrence. Bali is known for it’s artistic and complex religious offerings, but the humble canang will be with you everywhere you go in Bali. Every morning women create small square woven palm leaf baskets and fill them with an underlay of leaves topped with salt, rice, betel nut, a rainbow of flowers, and other compontents like a piece of banana or sometimes sugar. They are topped with shredded leaves and placed in important places with a sprinkle of holy water and a puff of incense.

These cheerful baskets are seen not only in temples, but on the ground in front of shops, on counter tops, on the dashboards of taxis almost anywhere that human activity takes place. The low ones are placed strategically to appease the spirits who might cause mischief and those on a higher level serve as offerings to the gods.

Many woman create canang as a small cottage industry and sell their creations to busy households to use ready made. If you go to one of the traditional market, such as the one in Denpasir, you will see them for sale along with their components.

Canang - small Balinese offerings


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