Fab Fabric

Why has it taken me this long to find out about Wira’s ? (Jl Raya Kuta – on the right side coming from the direction of the airport – phone: (0361) 751727) All you need is patience, your creativity and imagination and possibly a flashlight. Wira’s is a treasure trove of fabric from all over Indonesia.

First I’ll tell you what I bought. I was looking for some Batik napkins to use for BBQ’s and other messy-finger meals. US90 cents a piece in a pretty red pattern. Then, I needed some replacement Batik for some cushions and bed runners in my favorite hand drawn pattern from Cirebon. I have seen this fabric selling for about US$60 or more for a 2 meter sarong length. US$12 per meter! It was in a bolt, but beautifully hand drawn and just what I was looking for.

One of my favorite Batik motifs from Cirebon

There were silk scarves in Batik and other woven fabric, blouses that didn’t really catch my fancy, and just about anything you can imagine that is made from fabric. If they don’t have it, they will make if for you at a reasonable cost in a few days.

Just before I was ready to leave, in amongst the stacks of fabric, I saw the most beautiful hand woven silk. It is a bit stiff and would make a gorgeous window shade or a wonderful cushion cover or….maybe it could be used as a background for a framed artifact…. I wonder if it would work in a piece of clothing? But now 3 meters are mine and I am going to let my imagination lead the way.



2 thoughts on “Fab Fabric

    • I think it would be difficult to make a purchase on line since their stock is varied and always changing. I just had a look to see if I could find a website for them, but no luck. Sorry, but I think you will need to come to Bali!

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