Saraswati Day


Saraswati Day is a sacred day in the Balinese calendar dedicated to the Hindu goddess of wisdom and learning and knowledge. Students will attend school in traditional Balinese Dress. Books and other learning materials will be gathered and blessed by teachers and priests. But Saraswati Day is celebrated by all Balinese since knowledge is regarded as the most important thing for human life.

The day after Saraswati day is Banyu Pinaruh. People often take a bath in the sea, lake or river on this day. The philosophy behind this is that wisdom should flow like water. People also drink traditional medicine made from special leaves since good health is the next most important element in human life.

Soma Ribek follows on Monday and on this day, prayers are offered to Dewi Sri in thanks for the food and drink that is necessary for human life.

Three days after Saraswati day is Sabuh Mas meaning “gold belt” On this day, thanks is given for cloth and gold and the material things in life.

Finally, on Wednesday is Pagerwesi. This day is the second biggest holiday after Galungan. Offerings will be made in the home temple and prayers offered to Sang Hyang Pramesti Guru. Knowledge, health, food and cloth and gold must be looked after for a balanced life and to maintain balance in the universe.


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