Balinese funeral rites involve a series of ceremonies which can spread over a number of weeks or even years. In this ceremony we honored Pak Nyoman along with 3 of his relatives. Each village has slightly different traditions. In this case, the deceased people were cremated shortly after their deaths.  This ceremony deals with their spirits and items representing the people who died were placed in the bellies of the bulls.

Earlier in the day was a procession leading to the cremation ground and ceremonies conducted. Then the 4 bulls with their contents were set on fire using gas pipes. After the cremation of the bulls, who will lead the souls to heaven, the ashes are carefully gathered. After additional ceremonies at the cremation ground, the ashes are ceremonially carried to the beach and released into the water.

The final funeral rites will take place after the Galungan and Kunningen festivals are finished.

This is the tradition of Banjar Angaswara the village near the Longhouse. Many Ngaben ceremonies occur just before the Galungan/Kunningen period and can be seen right here in Jimbaran at the cremation ground near the market.


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