Linda Nederkoorn

Linda Nederkoorn spent her early life in New York and moved with her husband Robin to Singapore in 1979. They have travelled extensively in Southeast Asia and built a house in Bali in 2007.


2 thoughts on “Linda Nederkoorn

  1. thanks linda for your story about ikat. you are saying : klungkung market. precise information about klungkung market is hard to get here, in candi dasa. everyone gives other info. can you please tell us where and when the market takes place?

    • The entrance to the market is just opposite the entrance to the Kertha Gosa in Klungkung. The market is every day from morning (the earliest I have been there is about 10 – I am not sure what the official opening time is) till about 4. It is in Klungkung, not Candidasa which is about half an hour away. It is not really a “tourist” market which makes it much more fun. Enjoy your visit!

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